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Fall Picture Days

Fall Picture Days

Fall picture days will be held on the following dates. Photos can be ordered by visiting and using the Picture Day ID for your school. 

GlenOak High School

  • Fall pictures 1: August 18 (Picture Day ID: EVT6P72BK)
  • Fall pictures 2: August 29 (Picture Day ID: EVT9PT32W)
  • Retakes: October 10 (Picture Day ID: EVTDV6SN7)

Oakwood Middle School

  • Fall pictures: August 23 (Picture Day ID: EVT8CNWGM)
  • Retakes: October 16 (Picture Day ID: EVTWCCMC2) 

Glenwood Intermediate School

  • Fall pictures: August 30 (Picture Day ID: EVTSTWB7F)
  • Retakes: October 12 (Picture Day ID: EVTFXQ9VR) 

Avondale Elementary

  • Fall pictures: September 8 (Picture Day ID: EVTPPWX4B) 
  • Retakes: October 25 (Picture Day ID: EVT3KTBZ3) 

Barr Elementary

  • Fall pictures: September 15 (Picture Day ID: EVTQWSNJQ) 
  • Retakes: October 24 (Picture Day ID: EVTDZ7FQP) 

Frazer Elementary

  • Fall pictures: September 5 (Picture Day ID: EVTZKQ9T3) 
  • Retakes: October 26 (Picture Day ID: EVTB92DW3) 

Middlebranch Elementary

  • Fall pictures: September 25 (Picture Day ID: EVT2DDVKW)
  • Retakes: November 7 (Picture Day ID: EVTXPGFZW) 

Taft Elementary

  • Fall pictures: September 7 (Picture Day ID: EVTM633WQ)
  • Retakes: October 18 (Picture Day ID: EVTNNW3KP) 

Warstler Elementary

  • Fall pictures: September 5 (Picture Day ID: EVTHHSZD6) 
  • Retakes: October 10 (Picture Day ID: EVTV627PD)